The Dellinger LADDER knives have ultra-sharp cutting core made of Japanese steel vg10 which is very well protected against corrosion. Japanese steel vg10 has long-lasting sharpness with hardness R62+/-1 Rockwell. The core made of Japanese steel vg10 is put into 66 layers of two Damascus stainless steel that ensure extraordinary resistance and tenacity. Glittering Damascus pattern of the LADDER blades minimalizes the friction during the cutting and it prevents sticking the cut material to the blade. The LADDER Damascus pattern reminds waves on the surface of the sand dunes in the desert and it is unique, unrepeatable and it will become a symbol of your individuality.

The letter “D” shaped handle is made of stabilized wood of tree trunks – the tumours of the broad-leaved trees and it is decorated with middle mosaic rivet. The handle is always being manually polished, shaped ergonomic and designed for excellent manual handling. Specially designed shape of the guard fits for Asian knife grasp.

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