Nakiri 165 mm - Honkiyotsuna - Yasuki Blue Steel (Aogami) - Black Smoked

Honkiyotsuna- knife Nakiri 165 mm-Yasuki Blue Steel ( Aogami ) -Black Smoked

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Honkiyotsuna- knife Nakiri 165 mm-Yasuki Blue Steel ( Aogami ) -Black Smoked

YASUKI Blue Steel ( Aogami )

Japanese type of knife NAKIRI - Professional knife for cutting (chopping) vegetables and herbs made of Yasuki blue steel ( Aogami )  with increased hardness of the core 61 HRC. It reminds meat chopper by its shape, but don’t be mistaken. With blade 165 mm long you can easily cut every vegetable to tiny cubes or stripes. Height of the knife will allow you to take cut vegetable on the blade and carry it into the pot or pan.

Length of the handle:        125 mm
Length of the blade:          165 mm
Height of the blade:             55 mm
Total length:                     310 mm  

Weight:                            155 g

Knives made of Yasuki Blue Steel are not stainless and they need above-standard care and service. It consists in precise cleaning and drying after every use.

Comfortable grasp and excellent manipulation with knife are ensured by traditional Japanese handle made of wood of Ho tree (magnolia). The handle and the blade are jointed by black ring made of buffalo horn. This knife is designed for right-hand-use!! 

HONKIYOTSUNA CUTLERY Japan was founded in 1892 in Ono town, Hyogo Prefecture

Knives HONKIYOTSUNA are hand-made according to traditional historically based blacksmith’s methods. The blade is clad and made of 2 kinds of steels: YASUKI blue steel is used for core and soft compositional steel for side coverage. Blue steel YASUKI was created and it is being made by the company HITACHI METALS in Yasuki – City. It is being used for creating high-quality traditional Japanese knives. It is characteristic by its very good resistibility against wearing out and long-lasting sharpness. Products by HONKIYOTSUNA Cutlery are very popular by people who love real and unique (hand-made) knives. This steel is also very often used for making joiner’s tools. 

Blue steel YASUKI the is best steel for knives with clad blade. VG-10 steel (being used for Damascus knives) is the best for knives made of stainless steel.

Made in Japan 

Never wash the high-quality knife in the dishwasher! After using, rinse the knife, dry it with napkin or kitchen towel and store it in safe place. 

Dellinger guarantee: Start cutting and chopping as the professional chef right today! Knives by Dellinger come with 100% guarantee of satisfaction or guarantee of money return without any risk. We guarantee an excellent product that will provide the best service. Each knife is packed in luxury case and it can become a wise solution for birthday, wedding or Christmas present. You will surprise the home cooks as well as the professional chefs.


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Nakiri 165 mm - Honkiyotsuna - Yasuki Blue Steel (Aogami) - Black Smoked

Nakiri 165 mm - Honkiyotsuna - Yasuki Blue Steel (Aogami) - Black Smoked

Honkiyotsuna- knife Nakiri 165 mm-Yasuki Blue Steel ( Aogami ) -Black Smoked

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