Santoku 167mm-Suncraft Senzo Bamboo-High carbon-Japanese kitchen knife

Santoku 167mm-Suncraft Senzo Bamboo-High carbon-Japanese kitchen knife

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Santoku 167mm-Suncraft Senzo Bamboo-High carbon-Japanese kitchen knife

Santoku Senzo Bamboo 167 mm – this knife is inconsiderate kitchen warrior who is ready for all your wishes. Japanese word “Santoku” is translated as “three virtues”, which gives evidence about versatility of this knife style and kind of cuts, which excels (cutting, carving, mincing). The blade is usually shorter than chef’s knife with noticeably different geometry. The Santoku knife is often declared as fusion between chef’s and Nakiri knives, that brings you the advantages of both mentioned. The sharpness of the blade will ensure minimal leakage of the liquid and your meals will be full of juice and vitamins. Japanese art, preciseness and new technologies are making this knife made of Damascus steel unique and inimitable.

Length of the handle:           128 mm
Length of the blade:             167 mm
Total length:                          295 mm

Knives of Senzo Bamboo Collection are made of high-carbon molybdenum vanadium stainless steel which ensures long-lasting sharpness and retention of the blade.

The handle is made of carbonized bamboo. It gives beautiful nature look to the knife.

Never wash the high-quality Damascus steel knife in the dishwasher! After using, rinse the knife, dry it with napkin or kitchen towel and store it in safe place..

Made in Japan !

The most important tool of any chef or cook is without any doubt a high-quality kitchen (chef’s) knife. Without quality kitchen and chef’s knives no kitchen could work properly. Kitchen (chef’s) knife is the elementary tool not only for the professional cooks, but also for the enthusiasts from the public sphere. Damascus kitchen knife is being used for many purposes like cutting, carving, or filleting. The knife become universal and the most important companion of the cook. The range of kitchen knives is huge and there are many shapes and sizes of the blade available. In general, the manipulation with longer knife in more difficult and that is why is recommended to start with shorter ones. The choice is individual, and it is up to size of hands and skilfulness of the cook.

What to focus on during buying chef’s knives? 

If you want a truly high-quality chef’s knife, don’t be thrifty during buying. Of course, the occasional or beginning cooks don’t need to have the Damascus chef’s knife immediately. However, the investment into the quality knife is worthwhile and your feelings during using sharp and as well beautiful knife will be priceless. Knives made of Damascus steel have extraordinary sharpness and extreme firmness. Damascus steel gives to the knife its characteristic and unmistakable appearance by both sides of the blade. Finally, your personal taste decides during choosing of the knife. 

Good-quality kitchen knives have common qualities

1/           they are made of the highest-quality materials

2/           long-lasting sharpness

3/           perfect processing

4/           ergonomic handle and balance of the knife

You can pick from many types of beautiful kitchen knives in our store! 

Dellinger guarantee: Start cutting and chopping as the professional chef right today! Knives by Dellinger come with 100% guarantee of satisfaction or guarantee of money return without any risk. We guarantee an excellent product that will provide the best service. Each knife is packed in luxury case and it can become a wise solution for birthday, wedding or Christmas present. You will surprise the home cooks as well as the professional chefs.


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Santoku 167mm-Suncraft Senzo Bamboo-High carbon-Japanese kitchen knife

Santoku 167mm-Suncraft Senzo Bamboo-High carbon-Japanese kitchen knife

Santoku 167mm-Suncraft Senzo Bamboo-High carbon-Japanese kitchen knife

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