Kitchen and chef’s knives GLOBAL Cromova by Japanese company YOSHIKIN are unique thanks to their construction, which reminds Samurai swords. Exclusive balancing system of the kitchen knife during the working in the kitchen is brilliant! Stainless steel handle of the kitchen knife GLOBAL Cromova is filled with sand, which balance the centre by pouring itself inside the handle. Kitchen and chef’s knives GLOBAL Cromova are being made of the best-quality stainless steel (Cromova 18 – which is made by YOSHIKIN company) with high content of carbon. This steel is being used for producing the best-quality professional kitchen knives and accessories. These knives meet the most demanding hygienic regulations. Japanese company Yoshikin use their own stainless steel called CROMOVA 18. This steel is hard enough to keep the kitchen knives sharp for a long time. Steel CROMOVA 18 is quenched to values between scale 56-58 HRC, which allows easy sharpening the blade of the kitchen knife. These knives are being sharpened under the angle of 15 degrees and that’s why their edge is almost as sharp as the razor. CRO in CROMOVA 18 means chromium and 18 means the percentage of the chromium in the steel. This high percentage of chromium helps to good resistance against rust and oxidation in the environment of professional kitchens.


SXLG-F35 Gyuto / Chef GLOBAL Cromova 18 Stainless Steel & fully forged chef’s knife & Chef’s knife & gift packaging & stainless design & length of the blade 300 mm

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